Great way to Learn & Relax

With 64 cubes and multiple action pieces, the design possibilities are endless. Each set can be added onto the next, allowing you to build big and fantastic marble runs as you imagine! Great for keeping your mind sharp, limber and most importantly, interested! 


Magnetic & Customizable System

Coaster Cubes is a new modular magnetic building set for creating roller coaster themed marble runs. Sets use open cubes with magnets in each corner that easily snap together without the need for special connectors or any prior experience. Simply unpack and build!


Coaster Cubes | Advanced Pack + Starter Pack Combo
  • Build over 100's of combinations with 127 Pieces!

  • Magnets in each corner that easily snap together.

  • Improve your critical thinking and STEM Skills.

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Our Team's Story

Coaster Cubes was inspired by our founders love of roller coasters and marble runs. Our mission is to inspire creativity and imagination for people of all ages, while also teaching fundamental physics principles such as gravity, acceleration, and energy. We want to provide a platform for people to create anything imaginable!