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Do you have an idea that would be awesome for Coaster Cubes? Comment below and we could make your idea a reality!



  • I see you have a pre-order for a lift hill here.
    Are you able to provide more info about them ?
    What power source do they use & are the lift hills a single piece or can they be adjusted to multiple different lengths ?
    Can we daisy chain multiple lift hills from a single power source ?

  • Great ideas everyone! We are working on the lift now. To be first in line for the lift you can pre-order now on our shop page!

    Coaster Cubes
  • A Cobra roll would be so cool!

    Will M. - Coaster Squad
  • Light up or glowing balls!

  • How about, to go with the lift, ElectricCubes? These would be the same size as regular MagnetCubes except the sides would be flat and there would be two conductive bars running through two opposite corners. Perhaps we could have straight, corner and multi-directional (e.g. T-joints, cross joints, etc.) and a few electric pieces like a marble pusher (self explanatory). In order to power the cubes there would be two options – a socket adapter and a battery case (two by one cubes in space).


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