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  • My suggestions are going to fall into 3 different categories.
    1. Different size building blocks: The cube is a great building block, and the on top squares allow for using pieces that don’t fit in a cube. But I think the next step is more shapes. So, the cube is a 1×1 panel, and only lets you build one shape. If you could build some panels that are 1×2 and 2×2. That would allow you to build, 2x cube, 4x cube and 8x cube. Bigger panel options could be 1×3, 1×4, 2×4 and 4×4. These could all allow for a larger variation in pieces. I would imagine 1 or 2 sizes of cubes per pack, with mostly new pieces that fit inside that (those) cubes. For example, the 8x cube could come with a loop, a sm spiral track, a double spiral track, a funnel, an intersection track piece. Track pieces that go through the spiral and loop etc.
    2. Fair/Amusement ride themed parts: To add to the roller coaster theme you have created, I am imaging a Ferris wheel lift that picks up the balls with two hooks. Although I have seen your circular magnet lift concept, and that could work too with some theming. A graviton looking piece could either be a launch or a spiral piece. If a launch it could have a pinball style launch. A pinball style launch would also be cool for a start like the Incredi-coaster, or a vertical launch. It would probably need to have a power control setting to work with multiple launch types. A big colorful slide. Like the ones you go down 2, 3 or 4 people at a time on potato sacks. I am imaging a catch system that stops the balls at the top of the slide in each shoot, and when all are full releases them all at once down the slide. You could either have a catch at the bottom, or be creating different tracks off of that. A corkscrew lift tower could be themed to be a drop tower. I am remembering one video you did where you had a marble drop steeply.
    3. Endless ball machines tricks: This one would relate to the slide trick I suggested earlier. Where balls get caught and released at once. Other tricks I have seen on these ball machines that I think could be doable are an elevator trick, and a coaster cart trick.
    Best of luck in your development of coaster cubes. You have created a very cool product with endless possibilities.

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  • I find Coaster Cubes very interesting, I wonder if you are delivering it to India. And further more, I would like to be you distributor or selling partner in India and introduce your product. I am sure it will rock the market here.

    Nisat Prajapati

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