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Do you have an idea that would be awesome for Coaster Cubes? Comment below and we could make your idea a reality!



  • I find Coaster Cubes very interesting, I wonder if you are delivering it to India. And further more, I would like to be you distributor or selling partner in India and introduce your product. I am sure it will rock the market here.

    Nisat Prajapati
  • Tunnels would be cool! So would dual tracks and large funnel drops.

  • I see you have a pre-order for a lift hill here.
    Are you able to provide more info about them ?
    What power source do they use & are the lift hills a single piece or can they be adjusted to multiple different lengths ?
    Can we daisy chain multiple lift hills from a single power source ?

  • Great ideas everyone! We are working on the lift now. To be first in line for the lift you can pre-order now on our shop page!

    Coaster Cubes
  • A Cobra roll would be so cool!

    Will M. - Coaster Squad

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