www.coastercubes.com is the official and original website for Coaster Cubes, by Wolfe Pacific LLC.

Who is DesignNest? Who is the original creator of CoasterCubes?

Coaster Cubes® was created by Jeffrey Steven Wolfe. He holds the official USPTO trademark for Coaster Cubes® (www.uspto.gov). He launched his first Kickstarter campaign late 2019. In early 2020 he partnered with DesignNest to help make the product more accessible and affordable. Wolfe Pacific LLC, the parent company of Coaster Cubes®, allows DesignNest to manufacture and sell Coaster Cubes®. Both companies are selling MagnetCubes | Coaster Cubes®, but Wolfe Pacific LLC is the creator and founder of Coaster Cubes®. DesignNest changed the name to MagnetCubes | Coaster Cubes® with the current plan of adding future product lines with Wolfe Pacific LLC, utilizing the patent pending magnetic cubes. www.coastercubes.com is the OFFICIAL Coaster Cubes® website.

I Placed An Order a While Ago, When Will My Order Ship?

  • We are working hard to fulfill all of our orders as soon as possible. Anyone who purchased MagnetCubes | Coaster Cubes from www.kickstarter.com will most likely receive their kits first. (Design Nest is fulfilling the Kickstarter, Wolfe Pacific LLC will be fulfilling all order from www.coastercubes.com, the official and original Coaster Cubes.) Some of the kits have arrived in the US on 9/4/2020. You can still order Coaster Cubes now. All orders will be shipped in the order in which they are received. Place your order to reserve your spot in line.

What Kind of Magnets Are Used?

  • We use Neodymium Magnets.

Are Magnets Decent Strength?

  • The magnets are strong enough to hold three cubes together horizontally with no support. When the cubes are stacked together, they can create very large and stable structures. When you need to make more stable connections or build it to move, you can use clips to secure the connection.

What Are The Clips For?

  • Clips can be used to make the connections between cubes more stable. Structures can be built to be moved around easier. In addition, clips are used to help install some tracks, such as top-hill, bottom-hill, down-extender and loop. They are important when you are building open tracks.

How Safe Are Magnet Cubes?

  • We’ve done countless design iterations and maintain strict quality control to ensure that the magnets will not be loose or fall out in any way. The product complies with all Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards. Even so, we recommend the product for children above the age of 6.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Single Cube?

  • 45 mm (1.8 in.)

What's The Material?

  • Tracks: Polystyrene plastic Cubes: 70%K-Resin+30% Polystyrene plastic

Where Do You Ship?

  • We ship worldwide.